Cultural transformation: conquer the challenges of digitalization and globalization

aergon   more awareness – more alignment – better results


The practice of corporate management is changing dramatically in these times of globalization, digitalization and generational and value shift, while volatility and complexity are increasing. Executives and companies that are purely head-driven will struggle to survive in this new world. The Old World Order and previously successful concepts and strategies are no longer applicable. Only one thing remains constant: the desire for (greater) economic success. better results

Understanding and being able to shape the profound changes in all aspects of our lives is far more than a technical or a structural challenge; it is above all a human and thus a cultural challenge. Our mental operating systems need to be updated in order to increase our ability to perceive (ourselves); we need to by become more curious, sensitive and empathetic. This will enable us to be able to differentiate better, to evaluate differently and thus to behave differently. Leadership transformation starts with top management. more awareness

The future belongs to digital ecosystems that offer their customers exceptional experiences. What is needed is a strong vision with emotional appeal from the future: What contribution does the company want to make for its customers and society? Once this is identified, a strategy and appropriate measures can be developed. And not vice versa. A vision is the common "purpose" that orientates an entire company. If more managers become genuinely enthusiastic about their own products, take pride in their personal contribution and actively strive for joint success, a company can unfold its bundled potential instead of becoming entangled in individual activities and internal resistance. more alignment

We are convinced that sustainable change begins internally – in the "mind-set" – thereby enabling a more helpful perspective of the world. It is only then that such change manifests itself externally, via better coordinated creative options, more targeted decisions, more effective behavior and ultimately better results. inside-out